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2019-10-17 19:14:17
Johanne Tournier

Below is the latest from Bob on the lotr87 list. He is pretty proficient in IT, so I think his words can be relied upon. I would be inclined to go for the free service on to begin with, on the understanding that if not adequate, we can always switch later. I am always reluctant to be committed to forking over money, especially a payment required every year, unless it truly is necessary.

That said, if there were strong feelings to go to another free service, I could be persuaded. But I agree with Bob's statement, from what I have experienced of being on for the last year via the SciFi_Discussion list, that using it is pretty straightforward for people who are familiar with Yahoogroups.

(BTW, for Marie on the RIII list  notice that Bob noted that all the pictures downloaded, despite there being a warning that the Yahoogroup's servers might be down. Maybe that explains the problem you have experienced with your messages disappearing. I guess it's not too surprising that they may have experienced a sudden overload on their servers, given the understandable panic that may have set in with their disagreeable ultimatum. 😊)


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Subject: RE: [lord_of_the_rings_87] Re: FW: [SciFi_Discussion] O/T - Anyone still on YahooGroups? is $110 every year, or $10 a month (downgrade to free anytime). However, to initiate the automated transfer, you have to sign up for the $110 yearly fee (which can be downgraded to free after the year - no refund).
I have almost our entire site downloaded, including over 27K messages so far. All the photo's downloaded, despite a warning the servers may be down.
I'm still waiting for the Yahoo automated download to be provided so I can see which has the better files to upload to
The personal group software was not developed to transfer a group to a new location, but to manage, use and/or archive your yahoo group offline on an ongoing basis. I'll be surprised if they don't take away the 14 day free trial since everyone will want to use it one time to download their yahoo group before everything is deleted.
I think is the best option for this group. It's most similar to yahoo groups in format.