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Friswide Lovell Norris

2018-09-06 19:46:27
cmasters1335 Found this article, very interesting suggesting Lovells sister may have borne Richard a child in 1484.FWIW.

Re: Friswide Lovell Norris

2018-09-06 22:53:58
Sorry, but I find this totally groundless. Richard just did protect the wives and sisters of his friends, as in granting the confiscated Arundell estates to Anne Arundell's husband, Sir James Tyrell.
Very likely Frideswide was a lady in waiting to Queen Anne.

Re: Friswide Lovell Norris

2018-09-07 02:25:02
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Re: Friswide Lovell Norris

2018-09-07 02:25:09
As a King would he not have granted money and gifts to many women who might have been in loyal service to his household or his wife's household or even the relatives of those who served him as friends? I am sure they all had his children (not) the connection is obvious. Honestly, this is what Richard did, took care of people. If the lady was his wife's lady in waiting and she had served Anne for a long time, wouldn't Richard gratefully reward her?

We know of only two illegitimate children, Richard had and that he recognised and provided for them, although the identification of their mothers has not been so well established. There is very little evidence that he was ever unfaithful to Anne Neville, despite the rumours which followed her death, most likely unfounded.