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Richard III Books - Non-Fiction

One of the most common questions we are asked by newcomers is what books we would recommend – both fact and fiction. To help we are conducting a number of Polls amongst our members, beginning with the best Factual books on Richard and his times. The results of this Poll is to be found here.

The Best Factual Books on Richard and His Times
Group Members were asked to submit their recommendations and then these were ranked in order of preference by a Poll.

The Results were as follows:

First Place

Richard III The Maligned King - Annette Carson (a ground-breaking examination of the sources used in determining Richard's character and actions)

Joint Second Place

Eleanor, The Secret Queen - John Ashdown-Hill (an examination of the life of the oft-neglected woman whose marriage pre-contract put Richard on the throne)

Royal Blood - Bertram Fields (a lawyer tests the accusations against Richard)

Third Place

Richard III - Paul Murray Kendall (and old one that has inspired many to want to find out more about this period)

Joint Fourth Place

The Road to Bosworth Field - Hammond and Sutton

Bosworth 1485 - Michael K Jones (a new interpretation of the Battle examining the influences on Richard's life which led to his actions)

Joint Fifth Place

The Mythology of the Princes in the Tower - John-Ashdown Hill (a day by day account of the Summer of 1483 and its consequences)

Good King Richard? - Jeremy Potter (the original witness for the defence in Richard's famous TV 'Trial')

The Last Days of Richard III - John Ashdown-Hill (an in-depth examination of the events which culminated in Bosworth)

For the rest of the results in order of preference see

Other Recommended Books
Richard III - David Baldwin (and honest attempt to portray Richard as the man he was both with virtues and flaws)
False Fleeting Perjur'd Clarence - Michael Hicks (a scholarly examination of the brief life of George Duke of Clarence)
Edward IV - Charles Ross (a masterpiece of scholarship on all aspects of Edward’s life and times)
Perkin - Anne Wroe (an examination of the Perkin Warbeck story - was he political pawn or the real thing?)
The Survival of the Princes in the Tower - Mathew Lewis
The Dublin King - John Ashdown-Hill (was Lambert Simnel really an imposter?)
Memorials of the Wars of the Roses - W. Hampton
Richard III A Study in Service - Rosemary Horrox (a scholarly examination of Richard's relationships with his followers based on his finances)
Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses - David Santuiste
The Merchant Class of Medieval London - Sylvia Thrupp (a must for anyone studying the economic history of medieval London)
Richard III - Mathew Lewis
Warwick the Kingmaker - Paul Murray Kendall (one of the few biographies of a fascinating man)
The Yorkist Age - Paul Murray Kendall (a good insight into the life and times of the Yorkist kings)
Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England - Annette Carson (a valuable insight into what the roles of Protector and High Constable entailed)
The Betrayal of Richard III - V Lamb
The Worlds of Richard III - A J Pollard
The Winter King - Thomas Penn (an impressive insight into the life and mind of Henry VII)
The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy - Ian Arthurson (invaluable insight into the European political scene during the reign of Henry VII)
The King's Mother - Jones and Underwood (scholarly examination of the life of Margaret Beaufort drawn from the archives of St John's College, Cambridge)
The Itinerary of Richard III - Rhoda Edwards (painstaking Record of Richard's travels during his reign)