Richard III Research and Discussion Archive


The Group link will take you to an open forum for anyone interested in Richard III, the Wars of the Roses and the late Medieval period generally.

Richard III lived and reigned during the Fifteenth Century. Therefore, this is a place where we discuss not only Richard himself but the Fifteenth and early Sixteenth Centuries as a whole, including events which affected Richard in his lifetime and shortly before and the consequences and aftermath of his brief reign.

This Group is for the sole purpose of topics of historical interest. Whilst we hope most people who reach this page will join us to participate in our discussions - you can proceed to them by clicking on Groups above - we also aim to provide a resource for those who just want to learn more about the period, including some of the difficulties encountered when trying to make a finite assessment of peoples' beliefs or actions in a time so different to our own.

This website contains some 65 pages of archived discussions going back to 2004. It is our aim to categorise these more efficiently so that they can be easily searched and this is work in progress. You can find them under Archive above. As well as this we are happy to share our knowledge and research with those having a common interest. We're beginning with the topic of books but articles from our members are welcome.

We hope this leads to a greater understanding of life in the Fifteenth Century, before its memory was purposely or accidentally eclipsed by succeeding dynasties.

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